Resolve or Dissolve?

New Year’s Resolve or Dissolve? It’s that time again. New Year’s is just around the corner, and so are unreasonable resolutions. We tend to come up with many goals to achieve, and expect [...]

One of the family

I don’t even know how to start this post. It sounds better in my head and heart than my writing skills can achieve. We had a death in our gym family this week and its been a tough few days [...]

Pump up your water!

Its HOT ,Hot, humid weather. Make your own electrolyte sports drink to stay hydrated when you’re sweating as much as you’re taking in! An easy favorite of ours, Orange twist! Recipe: [...]

Get out and RIDE

How does burning an extra 200-500 calories a day, increasing your vitamin D uptake, saving money on fuel, and helping the environment sound to you? Consider ditching your car or bus pass for your [...]

A Year in Review

2016 was a ride. There are plenty of people who will say “Worst year EVER” – I’m not one of those people. Sure it was a bumpy ride…and I think there are plenty of [...]

Part of the Team

Big things are rarely ever achieved alone or in complete isolation. Often there is friend, loved one, professional on the side lines providing support, guidance or an ear along the way. [...]

What is “Chronic”

chron·ic ˈkränik/ (of an illness) persisting for a long time or constantly recurring (of a person) having an illness persisting for a long time or constantly recurring (of a problem) long-lasting [...]

K.I.S.S Spring

Keep it Simple Sweetie (not stupid) Let’s all embrace the simple this spring. Let’s not keep setting ourselves up for failure, ok? The most common mistakes I see (especially in the [...]

Challenge Accepted

Today’s blog is from guest author Erin O’Neill (new client at UpRise) about her first few weeks with us. It warms my heart! ~Megan Challenge Accepted by Erin O’Neill It has been [...]


Ottawa, I genuinely hope you all fared well after our incredible dumping of snow in our Nations Capital! 50 cms is no joke! How are your back and shoulders doing? Those wrists and legs from [...]


Wednesday January 27th marks Bell’s 2016 Let’s Talk Day  – So let’s do that – #LetsTalk Mental Health. Your sister, father, co-worker, taxi driver, trainer… [...]


People, hold back.  Even when we think we are giving our all, we simply are not. Think of all those stories where you hear about a mother pushing aside a fallen tree to save her children, or an [...]

Rule Yourself

Do you love Stephen Curry? Well I do – a lot. You want to know what I love even more? Stephen Curry’s recent Under Armour Campaign – Rule Yourself. I was watching the Raptors [...]

Owning your SH%*

Let’s own it, own that nasty, yucky, sticky, emotional and physiological stuff that’s been bogging us down, stifling our true brilliance, tarnishing our beautiful souls. The stuff that [...]

Suspension Training

We often underestimate ourselves when it comes to our own body’s strength. We think of things like push-ups and leg lifts to be additions to exercise, not it’s core goal. But what if those [...]

Lean on Me

Motivating yourself is a tricky feeling to pin down. The desire to be fit is always in the back of our minds, but convincing ourselves to make the time on a daily or weekly basis is another [...]

Breathe More Life

There’s something about sunny summer afternoons that throw me full force deep into my head.  It’s a strange unsettled place to be. On one hand I’m utterly appreciative of the [...]


This is a short one guys. I just wanted to share a few words around Father’s Day. I’ve been putting this one off, but I owe it to you to get this out there. I had (have) a great [...]

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