Whether you’re just looking to get fit, or get the fighting edge, Boxing with our coach Kyle is a must-try! Boxing uses explosive movement, timed efforts mixed with relaxation and recovery, proper breathing, and deceptive movement. When hand eye coordination is synced with proper hip and  foot coordination, we can throw effortless power. Push your brain, its a mental puzzle to perfect technique while pushing your cardiovascular limits. Best of all you’re learning a skill by training Olympic style boxing. TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE!


Non-Competetors: Learning a new skill is how our brains stay healthy. Working on creating a good base and moving correctly is an extreme workout and benefit for our reactions. Boxing is a great tool to gain cardiovascular endurance, tone muscles, and work the body from head to toe. Focusing and obsessing on your new techniques will have you forgetting you’re even working out.

Competitors in combat Sports: 

  • Don’t get hit, Win fights.
  • Perfect Striking techniques to increase efficiency and power.
  • Brick wall hand defence by drilling technical parry and catching applied with defensive footwork.
  • Learn fight IQ
  • How to cut off opponents and be illusive.
  • Add effective defence and countering.
  • Using angles and creating openings.
  • Get 1 on 1 work on mitts.

Boxing for Cross-Training

Cross over skills, tactics, and movement IQ from boxing to other team sports:

  • Learning to Control your opponents momentum by applying knowledge of distance, range, and positioning. Example covering 1 on 1 defence in basketball or football.
  • Many pivots, misdirections, and deceptive movements, can be executed in other sports when moving around opponents.
  • You’ll learn strict Balance and positional awareness.
  • Speed of eye to foot reactions, pushing in and out quick.
  • Explosive speed and learning to apply power correctly from to feet up.
  • illusive and deceptive movement
  • Execution of faints and faking
  • Speed recovery time  from extreme cardio push and be ready faster. Ex: An opponents skills will diminish as they lose the ability to recover.



Semi-Private Learn to Box Programs


All pod classes come with cardiovascular training and many punches.
Current sessions every Tues and Thurs at 5:45 (12 weeks, then month-to-month) * Start ANYTIME!! Other times available*

Week One:

Stance and Hand Positioning. Moving within stance and keeping positional awareness. Distance management. Straight Punches.

Week Two: 

Shadow Boxing in our stances, cutting off opponents and illusiveness. Straight punches. Understanding Defence. Distance management.

Week Three: 

Perfecting the backhand Straight punch. Adding Lead Hand Hooks. 2 minute round Fitness test.

Week Four: 

Defensive Exiting. Parry. Catching punches on defence and offence. Offensive Fakes and Faints.

Week Five: 

Catching Punches. Head Movement. Fainting. Creating Angles.

2 Minute Round fitness test.

Week Six: 

Putting it all together. Creating openings. Counter Punching.

Week Seven: 

Combinations. Sitting on punches. Adding Power.

Week Eight: 

Slipping punches. Catching punches. Combinations.

Week Nine: 

Shadow box. 2 Minute round fitness test for improvement. Head movement and Slips with pivots.

Week Ten: 

Learning application of combinations mixed with defence and pivots. Creating angles before punching. Perfecting Faints and Fakes.

Week Eleven: 

Applying everything. Outward back step to begin combinations. Combinations and intensity. 2 Minute round Fitness Test.

Week Twelve. 

Using new skills. Moving and punching. When to use energy and when to recover.

Hit the Coach ( optional ), score points on boxing coach, test offensive skill on real boxer.

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