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If staying active isn’t your issue but eating well is, there are a few simple life hacks you can use to trick yourself into eating better. Healthy eating can be tough with all of the misinformation out there. Fad diets, ‘specialists’ on intolerances and celebrities hocking supplements, it can be hard to know whats good or bad to put in your stomach.

A good place to start is with good, well balanced meals. If you have problems coming up with grocery lists or new recipes, there are a few healthy hacks you can incorporate into your life that will actually free up your schedule. Ottawa has a local Good Food Box program that sends you locally sourced produce like onions, potatoes and carrots, in addition to fruit like bananas and apples in a bin. They also throw in seasonal choices and ‘wild card’ vegetables like eggplant and zucchini, along with recipes on how to cook that months haul. There are a few different options of boxes to buy, including just fruit or smaller/ larger amounts, and everything is locally grown. In addition to that, Loblaw’s has a Click and Collect program for all of the meats and additional groceries you might need that don’t come in the Good Food Box. Both of these things combined can not only ensure you’re eating better by not ordering bad choices, but also that you’re helping out the local farmers and suppliers of these awesome programs.

Give your green thumb a shot, too. Whether you’ve got the space for a setup outside or just enough windowsill for one indoors, gardens aren’t too difficult and can yield delicious results. Start small with a spice garden, and turn blah meals into complex ones. There are plenty of simple vegetables you can grow with even the smallest window garden. Once you’re set up with the garden, it takes very little effort to maintain and will give you a lot more options when it comes to preparing meals. This can inevitably cut down on the amount of time you spend standing in front of the fridge before ordering pizza, and possibly cut out the pizza ordering altogether. Gardening also has the advantage of being a great hobby for decompressing and easing stress, so it’s a double score!

Lastly, try out some recipe apps. We’ll assume regular cookbooks have failed you or your friend has refused to give up their pie recipe, and are looking for an app you can use on any device. We’ll just look at the free ones, because this is about making your diet choices easier, not more difficult. The Food Network’s In The Kitchen app is at the top, with its iOS/ Android compatibility and bells and whistles like recipe importing from any website and custom grocery lists. It also has a measurement converter and timer, so it’s pretty user friendly for the whole process. Allthcooks is equally as compatible depending on your device, and allows for recipes to be filtered by ease of preparation and dietary restrictions. It also comes with tutorials, just in case you’re a true novice but an eager learner. Epicurious is compatible with Windows phones in addition to the others, and has handsfree navigation for cooking. It allows the option to sync favoured recipes across all devices and has the regular search options of their 30,000+ recipe selection.

Try a few of these suggestions and work them into your regular routine. By changing your habits, you set the foundation for the best possible results. Stay hydrated and snack regularly on small things like dried fruit and mixed nuts. On top of staving off hanger, you’re keeping your body hydrated and metabolism moving!

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