New Year Resolutions are for dreamers, not do-ers

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join-the-movement-3New Year Resolutions are for dreamers, not do-ers. Pipe dreams and disappointment…or better yet, vague notions of how you want yourself or your life to change. Yep…that’s gunna work <insert sarcasm>! Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for setting smart goals, tackling a cupboard or task that you have been procrastinating getting done, but when it comes to the really big things…you have to map it out, make room for it, put in stops for re-evaluation and enlist support to keep moving towards your goals.

Most often our resolutions are too big…or they lack concrete steps…or not fully formed/half hearted emotionally driven “changes” that we’re maybe not ready for (this  Huffington Post article on that matter really resonates with me).  This New Year I challenge you not to be ruthless and charge towards a goal in the next 6-weeks but strive to sit with your head and heart quietly and often to just listen to where it is at, and take note of what comes up often. Especially things that surprise you. Follow those leads…see where they go. Give yourself the freedom to re-write your script if it’s not the right story. If something is not serving you, but taking up your time – cut it for a bit.

I’m proposing the ANTI- resolution. You have 365 opportunities each year to let go of what is not serving you and exploring something that may. What will you do? Follow the light!

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