Group Classes

Switch up and complement your workouts with unlimited classes – All calibrated to your own fitness level.

Suspension (TRX style)

Build strong abdominals, back, shoulder and hip muscles. This class provides a solid foundation to meeting your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Focus: Strength, Cardio, Mobility/Flexibility

Kickboxing Bootcamp

Kick, jab, cross, hook and uppercut your way to getting fit! Combining cardio, boxing and marital arts methods for a full body workout.

Focus: Cardio, Mobility/Flexibility

Sore to the Core

Work on your core stability for this 45-min abdominal, hip and back blast. A strong and stable core lets you to work-out safely without form fatigue.

Focus: Strength, Cardio


Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance and Dynamics! This one-stop total body class finds you immediately locked into a high intensity, dynamic workout.

Focus: Performance, Strength, Cardio

Sunrise Circuits

Start your day with a total body strength and cardiovascular workout designed to leave you pumped all day long!

Focus: Strength, Cardio


Rejuvenate and rebalance with the best stress relief there is. We offer Gentle Hatha and Restorative Yoga.

Focus: Mobility/Flexibility

Fit Fundamentals

Focus on form and safe progressions to build a strong base for movement. This highly supervised class gives you the fundamentals of strength training so you progress appropriately, and injury free.

Focus: Strength, Performance

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