Unicorns: I’ll Do it Anyways

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Could it be that “finding your bliss”, chasing your passions, or even radical self love are the biggest cop-outs of all time? Could constant comfort seeking, avoiding the muddy waters of your mind be sabotaging your success? Are you Tinder-izing your life and swiping each time things aren’t awesome for you? I kind of hope this blog makes you a little mad, a little defensive and maybe a little thoughtful.

Last year I wrote a short blog on “Owning your %^&@” (you can read it here) and I eluded to the fact that everyone has their crap to wade through, yet while some people run from it, others face it head on. They practice resiliency. I constantly watch and listen to all of you. I observe and digest the goals, motivations, excuses and barriers you all face daily. I can tell you that the most successful people, in terms of reaching their physical health goals are also the most stoic people you will ever meet. They have developed resiliency, an “I’ll do it anyway” attitude. Instead of gunning for bliss, shooting in each direction the wind blows, they march forward on good and bad days regardless of the cards they have been dealt to ensure their worst case scenarios do not come to pass. Oddly enough these are also some of the happiest and grounded people I know as well.  So what do they know that we don’t? From this point on I shall refer to these individuals as Unicorns.

  1. They are not perfectionists
    Not feeling 100%? A little foot pain? That’s not a big deal for Unicorns. Unicorns know that if plan A isn’t in the cards, there is always a plan B or C for them. Not playing at all is not an option, and it’s not a huge deal to stray a little from the course. Got a cold? Walk instead of run. Hurt your knee? How about some core instead?
  2. They do it anyway
    Living in a high-rise mostly filled with seniors, I have many conversations in the elevator on my ride up to the 16th floor. There have been plenty of days where many younger, able bodied people have called into work for a “snow day” yet, the little old men and ladies are out there digging out their cars, or popping on the spikes on their canes to go for a walk. They do it anyway because the alternative isn’t an option for them. They need to keep going – or else they will stop. Stopping is what they fear most.  The gym is no different. When you stop, it is worse starting again..and you creep closer and closer to your worst fears – the opposite of your goals. Unicorns are no different. They know that momentum is a thing, that they just gotta keep going (also a great song by The Revivalists – have a listen!)
  3. They put emotions into perspective
  4. Unicorns understand that feelings are just feelings, that feeling change when the stimulus changes. Uncomfortable, tired, cranky…just feelings. Move on shall we? Get over it, really.
  5. Escapism is not a way of life
    Making excuses, making other plans, jumping into your PJ’s and not facing up/showing up is just running away. Unicorns have a strange self awareness – they know when they are doing this and have learned to negotiate with their demons. By facing up and giving the middle finger to your excuses, you are taking control and taking your power back. This does not happen overnight. In fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges I see every day. Unfortunately that’s something that is very uncomfortable to confront, and only you can take your power back.
  6. Uncomfortable is just a feeling
    Unicorns know that training is just as much mental as it is physical. Often the most ignored aspect of fitness. Learning to be uncomfortable by exposing yourself to it in order to create resiliency. That’s really what it’s all about. In a world obsessed with comfort and happiness, it’s what’s killing us too. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. This too shall pass.

Stop chasing rainbows and go walk in the rain. Take back your power and stretch your stoic muscles. Be a Unicorn, k?




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