Suspension Training

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We often underestimate ourselves when it comes to our own body’s strength. We think of things like push-ups and leg lifts to be additions to exercise, not it’s core goal. But what if those push-ups were on an incline? And your balance was being tested at the same time? That’s when you have something called Suspension Training. Suspension training mirrors all the fun ways you exercised as a child, like on the monkey bars, with a convenient and effective fitness side.

Suspension training incorporates the use of straps attached to a frame for an exercise in strength and flexibility. Think of doing a single leg squat, where you raise one leg to about knee height while bending the other and lowering your body. Pretty tricky, right? If you add the suspended straps into the equation, the exercise suddenly becomes about balancing your weight between and focusing your centre of gravity. Do enough of these types of exercises, and you’ll definitely begin to feel it. That’s why it’s also encouraged to take regular breaks between reps to build the tension in your muscles.

InstagramCapture_6b0a944f-1b79-4119-97da-0fb913574d0cSuspension training is a full body workout that uses straps and your own strength. In addition to working your body from every angle, it replicates real-life movement. This makes your body stronger and more stable overall, meaning you’ll be less prone to injury. Suspension training tests your balance and stability, defining your core. For many of the exercises a tight core ensures you remain balanced on the straps, and simple exercises like push ups become a core stabilization exercise.

It’s also pretty convenient in terms of being able to pick up and put down for those who have fluctuating schedules. A starter pack of straps is pretty responsible, and once installed you can do some quick simple exercises that will keep you toned and strong. Doing 20-30 minute intervals 2-3 times a week can help you tone and define your whole body, without taking up time for things like travel and set-up for a workout.

Even though you can easily do suspension training at home, it’s best to join in on a few classes to make sure you get the technique down. There are a lot of different exercises you can do with suspension training, but without knowing how to safely do them you run the risk of injuring yourself. If your balance and stability isn’t strong, definitely get help from an instructor or trainer to get your sea legs. There’s no harm in asking for help, it could save you a lot of unnecessary recovery time in the future!

So give suspension training a shot. You can do it indoors, outdoors, with a group or alone. It’s convenient to fit into your life, and easy to pick up.  You don’t need to be at a gym every time, and it’s a perfect activity to pick up from the fall moving into the winter. You’ll become stronger and slimmer, and help ensure your body stays fit and stable as you age. Check out a class, and try out some of the exercises!

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