Turkeys and Eagles

 In Life

There is an old saying that goes something like this:

You can’t soar with the Eagles if you’re busy playing with the Turkeys

You want to play ball at a high level? You have to be an Eagle.

  1. Eagles bring all of their attention to practices and games. They study and observe, they practice with intent until they master their attacks. Turkeys show up, catch up with their friends, check in on their Snapchat during water breaks.
  2. Eagles learn to listen to their bodies and nourish it with healthy fuel. Turkeys play through injuries and eat whatever tastes good at the time.
  3. Eagles know that their body needs to be conditioned and maintained to perform optimally. Eagles spend extra time working on their weaker areas and do their rehab exercises. Turkeys don’t do anything extra and suffer the consequences and often injure themselves in the process

Being an Eagle does not mean that you can’t be a kid, or have fun with your friends. Not at all… It means that sometimes you need to make some tough decisions in order to reach your goals. It means that time management is really important, and that there are appropriate times to play and be silly, and times you need to rule yourself. There is plenty of opportunity for both if you align yourself with the right company (other Eagles hopefully!). No party or person is worth giving up your dreams for. There is always another day, another late night to be had. Nobody ever looks back and regrets the time they spent working on their goals – only the time they wasted not pursuing their dreams. 1on1

Meg, Sports Conditioning Specialist @UpRiseFit

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