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Studio will open Monday at 4PM – modified schedule.
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Want to climb the stairs or climb the podium?
UpRise gets you there.

None of us have identical training goals. That’s why all UpRise training programs are personalized and based on individual fitness goals, training interests and schedules.

At UpRise, we are body positive. Our clients learn to leave the self-doubt and negative self talk at the front door. We revel in revealing new found STRENGTH and work hard at doing our best each and every session. We strive to seek balance in our home and professional lives, taking every opportunity to look back and see how far we have come together.  We are a community of like minded individuals keen on lifting each other up, and becoming the best version of ourselves we can be – together.

We offer 3main ways to get fit … Personal one-on-one coaching, Semi-private coaching (up to 4 people)  and Small  Outdoor Group Classes (limited to 6/class outdoors or Virtual during COVID-19 Phase 3) for the best coach/client ratio! From Bikes to Boxing, Sport Strength and Conditioning to Mobility management – we have something that will suit your needs or budget

Personal Fitness Benchmark

Marks the starting point for your training plan.

Personalized Achievement Program

Personalized training based on your fitness goals.

Support for You

We’re always a call, email or text away.

We run, jump, lift and leap too.
Our coaches are right beside you every step of the way.

UpRise coaches apply their vast expertise and knowledge to personalized training programs, including personal training and group classes that allow you to achieve your personal goals safely and within a realistic timeframe.

Our personal training and group sessions are fun and unpredictable. No two sessions are alike. Trainers plan new exercises and sequences that challenge every athletic level, while making sure you’re moving towards your goals.

Our trainers are professionals. They are personal training certificated, and study Kinesiology, Biokinetics, Psychology as well as sport specific instruction.

Flexible Training, Flexible Results

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