Personal Training and Coaching

A 100% training program that is 100% tailored to you.

We’re obsessed with creating a perfect training program for you. We’re kind, funny, patient and know our stuff. Choose from 30/45/60 minute private sessions based on your current fitness and budgetary considerations. Packages are sold in packs of 10 or as part of a monthly achievement program (available in once a week or twice a week memberships and are assessed every 3-months)

Monthly Achievement Plans Include:

Rise-Up Foundation Builder (30 minute sessions) for Beginners
Step-Up Progress Plan (45 minute sessions) for Intermediates
Reach-Up Performance Plan (60 minute sessions) for Athletes/Advanced

*unlimited classes are available to plan members for $25/month*

Training plans come with:

  • At-home takeaways
  • Phone and email support
  • Full fitness assessment
  • Milestone reporting
*Partner and Semi-Private training is also available – in fact we encourage it!*

Having a hard time coming in? Live too far away?
We offer an option of  a coached satellite program.  A “satellite program” is designed for individuals that would like to come in and have a program demonstrated (or videos to watch and learn from) to them to take home. This provides the flexibility to the individual train on their own, at their facility of choice with the guidance and support of the UpRise Team

Group Classes

Switch up and complement your workouts with unlimited classes – All calibrated to your own fitness level.


Please click to see our SCHEDULE page to see our current offerings and book your first free class!

Suspension (TRX style)

Build strong abdominals, back, shoulder and hip muscles. This class provides a solid foundation to meeting your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Focus: Strength, Cardio, Mobility/Flexibility

The Daily Burn

Dig a little deeper into the fundamentals of strength training with this full body strength class. Build bigger, stronger and faster muscles. This  class will concentrate on strengthening areas you didn’t even know you had!
Focus: Strength and Conditioning

Sore to the Core

Work on your core stability for this 45-min abdominal, hip and back blast. A strong and stable core lets you workout safely without form fatigue.

Focus: Strength, Cardio


Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance and Dynamics! This one-stop total body class finds you immediately locked into a high intensity, dynamic workout.

Focus: Performance, Strength, Cardio

Sunrise Circuits

Start your day with a total body strength and cardiovascular workout designed to leave you pumped all day long!

Focus: Strength, Cardio

Strong Camp

It’s like our flagship classes, R.I.P.P.E.D and Fit Fundamentals had a baby. The full-body metabolic conditioning workout hits all your major muscle groups in a big way, safely.

Focus: Strength/Performance

Indoor Cycling + Strength

Best of both worlds – Cycling intervals and strength training (30/30)

Long enough to get a good workout, not so long you can’t feel your bum! Work at your own fitness level using perceived exertion.

Focus: Strength, Cardio, Endurance

Core Rx and Functional Movement Restoration

Fusion Classes

We routinely take a fresh look at our favorite ways to train and create the most exciting, satisfying burns! eg: Suspension + Bootcamp, Suspension + Kettlebells, Interval Classes. Whatever the flavor of the day is!

Focus: Strength, Performance, Cardio, 

Punches and Crunches

A beginner-style boxing class with an added fitness component/ Learn real boxing concepts in a non-combative environment. Big time stress buster!

Focus: Strength, Performance

Semi-Private Training Programs

‘Lean’ on Me Women’s Program

4 women, a trainer, nutritionist and a performance specialist will embark on a 12 week strength training journey together. Look out Ottawa! This trainer-peer based lifestyle program is one-of-a-kind and bound for success. Program runs in 12 week blocks (Fall, Winter and Spring)

#StrongerTogether #UpRiseWomen –

Different time blocks to choose from. Email us for availability

Learn to Box

Boxing is GREAT for your mind and body. A killer workout, fun, engaging and should you wish to progress to sparring, we can do that too! Hit us up for a consultation to see what we do!

Exercise for post-rehab and chronic conditions

Get back to where you belong – safely and supported the whole way. Whether you have a chronic condition that has been holding you back, or have been touched by cancer or other life threatening diseases or conditions, exercise can reduce pain and help restore your energy and health. Our certified experts are here to help you continually build and adapt your exercise program to what you are experiencing each and every day.

**Contact to book a private consultation**– email or phone 613.860.2348

Indoor Cycling

We love to share our love of bikes with our clientele. Whether you’re just looking for a great cardio workout, or have a euro tour or triathlon in your future, we build custom cycling plans and deliver a heck of a fun and sweaty class! Do not expect to do anything on our bikes that you would not do on the road – we respect the bike and feel you can achieve more by staying true to form!

**Contact to book a private consultation**– email or phone 613.860.2348


Train smarter. Play harder.

Sport Conditioning

Get better at what you’re already good at.

Get yourself or your team on a customized conditioning program that develops power, speed, agility, coordination and flexibility. We’ll go to your practices to run conditioning drills and provide coaching staff with tools for conditioning all season long.

Masters Athletes

Enhanced training for experienced athletes

Focus on specific movement patterns, mobility, strength and power for advanced athletes, no matter what age you are. We’ll even throw in a 10-point assessment and injury prevention program so you can keep doing what you love for life.

Street Smarts


Learn to defend yourself when you have to

Designed to empower you with the skills and confidence to defend yourself with leverage, positioning and natural movements. Includes a short seminar on victimology and how to avoid bad situations.


Private and Semi-Private group/corporate sessions available






Youth Zone

Go from Superkid to Superhero

Let them go bananas for two full hours. Choose from Superhero training, Ninja Turtle Camp and go through obstacles, floor routines, problem solving and more.

Teen Fitness

Several options for your teens/tweens are available at UpRise. We seasonally offer fitness classes for teens, private learning sessions and mentoring and allow drop-ins into group class with parental consent

Summer Fitness Classes – Monday and Wednesday nights 7-8PM ($125/mo)

Private learning sessions – Build skills and habits for life. Book a private 45 minute session with a certified personal trainer to teach proper form, healthy habits and how to build an effective fitness program. Each session your teen will walk away with an assigned workout plan with tracking tools to complete until their next session. Usually completed monthly. ($45/session)

Drop-in Gym – for $30/month your teen can come in and complete their workouts in a 1:3 supervised training environment, ensuring safety and instruction when needed. Training time must be pre-booked 12 in advance. Works very well paired with a Private Learning session! ($30/mo)

**Email us!**

Additional services to further your goals

Athletes have access to partners specializing in Sports Psychology, Nutrition and Massage/Chiro/Osteo professionals. Just ask!

*Partner programs for cycling and other endurance sports are available on request.
*Hybrid packages containing specific small group and personal training are key aspects in this program.
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