Learn all there is to learn about cycling conditiong from bike fit to interpreting power and heart rate data. Even if riding outside is not your goal, you will have the opportunity to work really hard at cycling fitness! Contact trainer@uprisefit.com for more information about POD availability

Sample beginner program

Week 1: 
Get all “Pro” about bike setup. It matters
PRE scale ques and drills 5-8/10 intensity
Pedal stroke intro
short standing efforts
Let the music be the road
Week 2:
Pedal stroke efficiency drills
higher cadences/smooth transitions
short climbs
Intro to Lactate Threshold 8.5+ and what it means/feels like (LTHR)
Week 3:
Longer endurance efforts
Over/Unders LTHR
Sustained efforts/Mental tips and tricks
Week 4:
Breath management
Intro to sprinting/speed
Clustered intervals/Mini race sims
Other methods to measure cycling fitness/effort
Discuss Part 2 SPin
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