What type of fitness is right for you?

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Getting in shape can be tricky, especially when it comes to working it into your lifestyle. Starting from scratch can seem overwhelming at first, but a great place to start when you’re getting fit is breaking down the best form of exercise that will motivate you most frequently. By making fitness fun and interesting, you remove the resentment that can develop from dedicating time to something you don’t enjoy. Three of the most common branches are Group classes, Bootcamps and Personal Trainers.

Group Classes are probably the easiest for most to get behind. Think step classes, yoga or cardio martial arts. Group classes are a great motivator because the energy of the other participants is contagious in addition to being more fun. There can be the underlying fear of looking silly in front of other people, but at the end of the day everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is sweaty and no one started out being perfect at any of the classes. Group classes are also a good way to observe the way other people adapt exercises; whether it be doing a yoga pose slightly different or holding the weights more comfortably.

If you like group exercise but classes are a bit campy for you, try a bootcamp. Bootcamps are like group classes but are often tougher and produce results at an accelerated rate. Because the timeframe is shortened for bootcamps, more attention is paid to weekly results and progress reports. Bootcamps are also a great source of motivation for those who have a competitive streak and want to be pushed further by their peers. With their more intense nature also comes a harder toll on the body, and bootcamps can be hard for some people to fit into their weekly schedule when they may fall behind.

Personal Trainers are a final option, one that typically produces the most lasting results by demanding the most change. Personal trainers can offer a one on one approach to changing your life, addressing everything from nutrition to daily exercise. The results can be mind blowing for those who need to make a change for their health, and demand a certain amount of accountability that can be a motivator for most to not waste. Personal trainers can be expensive and thus people can be skeptical of investing in their services, but few who enlist their help regret the outcome. They offer private goal setting and progress reports, making them like a therapist for your body in your ability to confess barriers without judgement with them.

So whether it be catching as many yoga classes as you can a week, or sitting down with a professional to map out the next few months worth of goals, there are plenty of ways to work fitness into your lifestyle. Everything active has the opportunity to be good for your body and have a positive impact on your mental health as well. Things like taking the dog for a longer than usual walk and cooking more meals from home can have a major impact from very little effort, so check out our fall schedule to find something that works for you!

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