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You have seen it all – read it all, tried it all, with some success and periods of less than success… You know your body and what to do, but with the demands on your life, energy and mental stress, are having a hard time making it work. You WANT to feel better, you KNOW an exercise program and healthy eating will help with that – just WHEN? HOW? HOW MUCH?

Let’s talk about this. I know plenty of you are in this boat. You’re either just not getting your workouts in, or only sporatically,  in a patchwork kind of way and not making any real progress, and feeling sore and old. You feel demands from your job and and have feelings of guilt around your family responsibilities and time. Does any if this sound familiar?

This is exactly why I created the 40-40 program. So many of you have walked into our studio with this sort of difficulty hanging on your shoulders. What if we took all of our collective good ideas (hey, we are all a wealth of knowledge) and supported each other to complete 16-weeks of well-programmed fitness classes built for individuals 40+ who just need that extra support to start to create real change in their lives and how they interact with the world. Besides lifting and stretching all those places that need it, we will go further and discuss strategies to help you cope with changing your boundaries with the expectations of others, the lure of putting yourself second, or the misconceptions that people who work out and are successful at weight loss actually “feel” like working out all the time. This is real life people. Sometimes a little structure and umbrella support is what you need.

Now, this 40-40 program I speak of – I want you to want to come. I want you to have a little “me” time and some laughs while you’re making big strides to feel better and cope with a busy life. Many of you head back to the suburbs after your work day is over. Once you get home, it may be too late to carve out the time.

Program details:

Our most supportive change-forward program to date. If you’re over 40 and really serious about making some significant changes to your personal health, body composition and lifestyle, why not do it with others who are in the same boat? Coached exclusively by over 40 staff who know what its like living in a 40+ body! Limited to 4 people/trainer
Open to all genders and abilities. Geared more for those leaning towards the sedentary end of the scale or just not able to make a healthy lifestyle “fit” into their day. Your POD will train together twice a week, and meet as a group for fun lifestyle support activities and meal plan updates. Group class participation is encouraged. Attendance and goal achievement rewards are won as you succeed
Program runs in 16-week blocks. Sept 16-Dec 11
Monday/Wednesday – 4:30  (sessions are 45 mins)
Fri 4:30 for group activity/lifestyle meeting and workshop activity  (once a month)
Cost: $221/Mo (3x a week training plus workshops and nutrition)
Would you like to register?
Email me for more info!
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