Jump – When Baby Steps Aren’t Enough

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Went for a little walk tonight to hone in on some loose thoughts I’ve been having for our lifestyle blog. It occurred to me that some changes require us to jump off the cliff, and that baby steps and keeping one foot in the door that is no longer serving us isn’t going to work. Yet we cling to that. We don’t jump. We heed the advice to make little changes that last. But is that serving you, or just saying aloud and clear that you do not trust yourself to grow a full and lustrous garden. To cultivate your life sometimes we just need to jump. What say you?

I’ve certainly told many clients that baby steps are often the least invasive way to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes, and I think that holds true for many people who are completely overwhelmed with where to start and have a lot of work to do – like adding drinking more water or taking more steps in a day, to preparing their lunches a few days a week. That’s still good advice – but its only good to a point, and only for some things. If you find yourself constantly making and breaking baby step goals, or not making the progress you would like, then maybe its time to just jump. Find the balance later.

Why do we cling to habits and behavours that do not serve us? Why do we keep going back to the 5 lb hand weights when we know we want to do full body weight push-ups? Or take a loved one’s advise that you might want to re-think that 3rd glass of wine after work? I think some people do genuinely have a hard time with change. It’s uncomfortable, it takes energy – but so does suffering. What I often come across, is that I think genuinely people do not trust themselves to make the changes they need to be better, to be confident that all that effort will actually made a difference (we’ve tried so many times before, right?) So we fail to believe in ourselves, and keep one foot in the door that no longer serves us until we either fall back down, or make the jump.  We KNOWWWWWW what to do, we KNOWWWW we’re going to feel better – We don’t want to try, because we don’t want to fail. Let me repeat that – Maybe you aren’t giving it a chance because you’re afraid you’re going to fail despite wanting it so very much.

Why don’t you just jump? You might just surprise yourself. Grow your damned garden


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