How to Make Time for Fitness

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We all let things fall by the wayside once in awhile. Fitness can be something we prioritize less because we can’t see its immediate impact, and regret not making the time for later. Getting fit doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym and drinking everything out of a shaker cup; it can be as simple as incorporating a small amount of exercise into your daily routine or changing your eatings habits. Here’s a few helpful ways to adjust your regular schedule slightly for a big health impact.

Following a consistent workout routine is a good place to start. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, try and pick a time for fitness that can be consistent in your schedule. By keeping fitness as part of your daily or weekly routine, you make that time a priority. You can work daily exercise into your schedule more easily than you might think as well. If you’re able, try walking or cycling to work (when the weather permits in the capital!) or take the dog out for longer walks when you get home. Even something like taking the stairs everywhere instead of the elevator can make an impact on your fitness. Take a look at the activity you do on a daily and weekly basis, and see how you can turn it into a challenge.

Try changing up your workout routine as well to keep things fresh and interesting, like a Saturday morning group class to go with your nightly walks. Staying interested in what you do is the key to staying committed. Grab a friend or coworker to join you at lunch for a class, or try out a trainer for a few sessions. Try looking at your local rec leagues for activities you might enjoy. You may find something that you love doing, and make friends while staying active. If typical exercise isn’t for you, try picking up an active hobby like geocaching, gardening or refinishing furniture. You may get active without even knowing it.

Make a workout playlist. I know, it seems kind of ridiculous, right? But give it a try. Whether it’s LMFAO or Billy Joel, put on some music to get you moving. Try a one person dance party for the cardio, or go for a walk every night with a playlist of the songs you love. It’ll not only encourage your brain to be active whenever it hears some good cardio tunes, but it’ll give you brain something to focus on that isn’t stressful thoughts or distraction from workout strain that would normally cause you to give up.

Finally, and this is a big one, don’t less excuses build up. Give yourself one day a week where you can forgo exercise, but try to stay on schedule. Aside from it being helpful for maintaining a fitness routine, it can also take you out of the mindset that giving up is an option. Allow yourself days to feel blah, but stay strong as often as possible. Make the pact with yourself to get fit; you’re relying on you.

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